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Your True Property Management team
Anne, Melanie, Santina, Tess and Lavinia
True Property Management was established in 2008 in the belief that property management can be done so much better, particularly in the area of customer service. 
Ask anyone: The one complaint people seem to have about property managers is that they don’t return calls. Our aim is to build a business that is different and exciting. This means answering phone calls, responding to emails and turning up on time — quite simple really. 
Safe hands 
When you think about it, property managers hold a huge responsibility. And if they are not up to the task you can end up: 
  • losing rent
  • losing good tenants
  • watching the capital value of your property depreciate. 
This is why a property manager must be knowledgeable, experienced and able to work well with both you and your tenants.
Unfortunately, the industry includes too many people who lack these qualities — some having never even owned a property of their own. 
It is this important mix of knowledge, experience and people skills that puts us head and shoulders above our competitors. 
If you are a seasoned property investor, we can communicate on your level and, when required, provide sound advice. When dealing with tenants or organising tradespeople for your property, we don’t go by “gut feeling;” instead, we draw from our combined industry knowledge. 
Anne Warren  
Founder and Head of Property Management
0418 522 544

Better communication 
You will find that our communication far exceeds what most people expect. Unlike many firms, we’re not burdened by layers of management. So, when you deal with us, you speak with one person not several. 
Also, many of our clients operate in different time zones, so we don’t work by the nine-to-five rule. This means we are available when you need us, not just during office hours. 
Property management isn’t just a job 
We have a vested interest in ensuring that you, our client, receive the best possible service. To us, this isn’t just a job. We love the industry and the people in it and get a huge amount of satisfaction knowing we’ve played a hand in helping our clients realise good returns on their properties. 
So, do you need a property manager you can rely on to help achieve the best return on your investment? Call us now. We look forward to meeting you.